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My education is primarily engineering with a strong business emphasis and together with many years working for large corporations, owning a home building and high tech business has created a wealth of practical experience that I am only to happy to share.

In creating my tips, I endeavor to provide quick, easy, clear instructions and explanations.  My tips are based on my research, personal use and many, many years of experience with various products and services. 

My education and career allows me to excel in researching.  My research covers a broad spectrum of topics with the principle focus being on finding the best solution for a need while being mindful of monetary value and customer service.

I hope my tips in some way makes your life a little easier and more enjoyable.

Always a pleasure,


PS You will see Google ads and links to products and services on this site which are intended to make this site self-sufficient.  However, this in no way affects my recommendations.  The findings in my articles are true to my research and experience.