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Computer keyboards for more comfort

For a number of years, my wrists would hurt after typing for long periods on my computer keyboard.  I read articles on the best way to adjust the keyboard angle and height, the chair heiLogitech Keyboardght, keeping my back straight – but nothing worked.

Then one day I noticed a friend using a strange shaped computer keyboard.  Asking him why the strange keyboard, he said it was easier on his wrist.  With that I started my search to find a keyboard that was easier on my wrists.

Such keyboards are called ergonomic keyboards, keyboards that claim to minimize muscle strain and other related problems.  What they all have in common is to position your hands in a more natural position. Try this!  While sitting down, lay your hands next to each other on a table in front of you.  Notice that the fingers on one hand are pointing toward the fingers on the other hand. This is the natural position for your hands when you place them in front of you.

Now place your hands on your computer keyboard.  If you have a standard keyboard, you have to force your fingers to point straight ahead putting strain on your wrist and forearms.  When you place your fingers on an ergonomic keyboard you don’t have to force your fingers into an unnatural position.

Ergonomic keyboards range from keyboards that look almost like a standard keyboard to keyboards that are in two separate pieces, one for each hand. I chose to a keyboard that was closer in appearance to a standard keyboard, the Logitech K350 wireless model.  For me it works great and did not require any re-learning.  I am not saying this keyboard will work for you.

I recommend you go to say a Best Buy or Office Depot type store and play with their many ergonomic keyboards.  You just might find a more comfortable way to type.

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