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The best virus protection software

In my IT business, I see firsthand the pain, suffering and financial loss my clients and friends endure when a virus infects their computer.  And with this year’s ten fold increase in foreign hackers looking for personal information or just looking to destroy your computer’s files, the risk of falling victim increases every day.

Unfortunately, there is a wealth of virus protection programs to choose from and finding the best one is a daunting task.  Fortunately, through my business I have the advantage of seeing the effectiveness of different programs and my clients and I we have tried all the popular programs. But just offering effective protection against viruses does not make a program great.

What makes a good virus protection program great is:

  1. How little it slows down your computer
  2. How easy is it to install and use

I find only one program that has no effect on your computer’s speed and is so easy to install and setup that even the most non-tech can do it.  It installs in less than 6 seconds and never needs updating. Install it and forget it. And they have the best prices! The program is called Webroot.  Click on this special link to save 50% on purchases  - SAVE more than 50% on Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 Products. The Fastest & Lightest Security Available! Limited Time Only!

After you click on the link notice that the middle product (Internet Security Plus) can be used for any combination of 3 PCs and MACs.  A super great deal!  On the Webroot page, you can compare Webroot's products to the other popular virus protection programs by clicking on the Compare with Competitor link directly under the picture of  the Webroot product.  Try it and you will never buy any other virus software.  We have been using WebRoot for years.


I have used this software for years on Techie Toms advice and would use no other virus software!

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